P. Vitartas

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The Role of Involvement and Attachment in Satisfaction with Local Government Services

The purpose of this paper is to report on the development and testing of involvement and attachment constructs, which are then used to investigate the effects of involvement and attachment on perceptions of satisfaction with services delivered to residents by a local government body. Design/methodology/approach...
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Testing the Water: Entrepreneurs use of local markets

Local markets are a source of much business activity in Australia with many regional centres relying on their local market for produce and to support their local economy and farmers. However markets provide a much greater service to local communities. For example, many markets develop...
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Solutions to Contested Land Uses and our Emerging Landscape

This chapter explores the role of innovation in responding to the challenges of Australian food security, both in the domestic and global contexts. The chapter explores the challenge to meet increased food demand through innovative production, as well as how best to manage distribution and...

Regional Advantage and Innovation: Achieving National Outcomes

Regional areas are key building blocks of society in many countries. This compilation uses Australian case study examples to demonstrate how regional areas are uniquely well-placed to contribute to national goals in innovation, infrastructure provision, water and food security, environmental sustainability, industry diversification, healthy and...
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Perceptions of Innovation from Australian SMEs: A regional perspective

This chapter describes the results of an Australian national survey undertaken in late 2011, with the specific focus of innovation in regional areas. The data reflects information from over 500 respondents from small and medium sized business across the full range of industry categories. The...