Matthew McGrail

Journal article

Attracting junior doctors to rural centres: a national study of work‐life conditions and satisfaction

Junior doctors, in their first four years of medical work, are an important part of the health care team. Attracting and retaining these doctors to rural areas underpins the development of the future rural workforce. This is the first national‐scale study about satisfaction of junior...
Working paper

Getting doctors into the bush: General Practitioners' preferences for rural location

A key policy issue in many countries is the maldistribution of doctors across geographic areas, which has important effects on equity of access and health care costs. Many government programs and incentive schemes have been established to encourage doctors to practise in rural areas. However...
Journal article

Medical students' and GP registrars' accommodation needs in the rural community: insight from a Victorian study

Medical education in Australia is currently entering a new era, including support for the significant extension of medical students and general practitioner (GP) registrars' training programs in rural communities. This commitment to rural medical student and general practitioner recruitment and retention has made the provision...