David D. Wilkinson

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Self-sufficiency in Intern Supply: The Impact of Expanded Medical Schools, Medical Places and Rural Clinical Schools in Queensland

Objective: The doctor shortage in Australia generally, and the rural shortage in particular, has led to an increase in medical schools, medical places and rural training. If effective, these strategies will first impact on the intern workforce. We studied the source of interns in Queensland...
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Issues and challenges facing rural hospitals

Australia's rural hospitals face most of the same issues and challenges faced by metropolitan hospitals. However they also face additional challenges around geographic isolation, their iconic status and role as major employers in local communities, and their close relationship with community based health services. Future...
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How does mental health status relate to accessibility and remoteness?

The aim of this article is to determine whether mental illness is associated with accessibility and remoteness. A cross sectional, population based, computer assisted telephone interview survey, stratified by Accessibility and Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) categories was employed. Overall, mental illness prevalence estimates were...