Maxine Cooper

Journal article

Researching Rural-regional (Teacher) Education in Australia

The article discusses descriptive insights into how a national research team located in three Australian states of New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia is able to maintain a sustained, cohesive approach to achieving sustainable pre-service teacher education. The project is constructing a national picture...
Journal article

Regenerating rural social space?: teacher education for rural-regional sustainability

The complex interconnection among issues affecting rural - regional sustainability requires an equally complex program of research to ensure the attraction and retention of high-quality teachers for rural children. The educational effects of the construction of the rural within a deficit discourse are highlighted. A...
Journal article

Investing in Sustainable and Resilient Rural Social Space: Lessons for Teacher Education

An opinion is presented that the relationship between teacher education and the sustainability of rural communities is reciprocal. Such a reciprocal relationship is explored using research findings of an Australian Research Council funded project (2008-2010) of schools and communities that identified sustainable practices concerning staff...