Samuel Jones


Expressive lives

From the exhibitions we visit, to the videos we watch and make, to the clothes we wear; the choices we take about what culture to consume and what we create help us connect with others who share our opinions, ideas and beliefs. This collection of...

It's a material world: Caring for the public realm

What parts of our culture do we value and want to protect? This pamphlet explores the future of heritage conservation, and why to survive it must involve everyone. The choice of what things to conserve and how to conserve them simultaneously reflects and creates social...
Conference paper

Building cultural literacy: museums and intercultural collaboration

This paper was delivered at an ICOM conference on Transnational Museum Collaboration, held at Fudan University, Shanghai, 26-27 June 2007. It argues that, in an age in which culture is more important than ever before, skills in reading culture must be a vital part of...
Discussion paper

Making good work: realising the value of young people's creative production

Recently much attention has been paid to creativity in education, reflecting wider concern with creativity in general. The creative industries are a hugely successful part of our economy and ministers have pledged to ?make Britain the world?s creative hub?. However, with this focus on creativity...