Tim Prenzler


Australia’s national integrity system: the blueprint for action

From greater transparency over political lobbying and donations, to stronger protection for whistleblowers, to a strong and independent anti-corruption watchdog, this document lays out the essential reforms Australia needs to drive greater transparency, government accountability and integrity.
Discussion paper

A National Integrity Commission – options for Australia

This options paper provides evidence to support the creation of a new, federal anti-corruption and integrity framework, based on an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing framework, and community awareness, perception and views on how well corruption is being addressed at all...
Briefing paper

Rethinking police gifts and benefits policies

The acceptance of gifts and benefits – or ‘gratuities’ – has been described as ‘a police image problem that doesn’t seem to go away’ . This assertion was borne out recently in the ‘phone hacking scandal’ in the United Kingdom, when the Commissioner and Assistant...

Private security in Australia: trends and key characteristics

Security personnel now outnumber police in Australia. Based on census data, the paper compares the characteristics of employees in each group and examines the nature of businesses in the security industry. As the sector is expected to grow, the paper argues for more consistent and...