Katerina Rudiger


What you get is not what you see: intangible assets and the knowledge economy

With the growing knowledge economy investment in intangible assets is starting to match, and is set to overtake, investment in tangible assets. More money and time is now being spent on developing assets such as human capital, and brand value, than on more traditional assets...

Exploiting Europe's knowledge potential: 'Good work' or 'Could do better'

This report looks at the characteristics of Europe's knowledge-workers, explores the nature of knowledge work and demonstrates how it varies across the European Union by drawing on the data from the fourth European Working Conditions survey (EWCS). It creates a 'good work' index based on...

Offshoring, a threat for the UK's knowledge jobs? Globalisation and the extent and impact of offshore outsourcing

Global changes in the location of production and the outsourcing of tasks to low-wage countries have dominated the public discourse for some time. Especially the relatively recent IT boom in India, which has led to some media hype, nurturing a fear in high income countries...