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US - China economic distancing in the era of great power rivalry and COVID-19

This report argues that lowering reliance on China as the central hub for the manufacture of parts and assembly of products for many traditional and current generation merchandise products will be difficult or impossible to shift.

The future of the US-Australia alliance in an era of great power competition

The US-Australia alliance has been indispensable for more than seven decades, but it has also always been a work in progress. In the present environment, both Australia and the United States are confronting an increasingly assertive China, which is bringing new challenges to the alliance.

The end of Chimerica: the passing of global economic consensus and the rise of US-China strategic technological competition

Chinese economic and trade malpractices over a long period of time are having profound distorting effects on the global economic system and US dissatisfaction is deepening and irreversible. This publication argues Australia has been slow or else reluctant to accept that the previous global economic...
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Why China will not become the dominant power in Asia

With the Defence White Paper due for release in 2015, this paper argues the government should bear in mind that planning for an era of Chinese dominance in the region - or even its emergence as an American strategic peer in Asia - would be...

Lonely power, staying power

This paper challenges a number of assumptions about the transformation of Asia's security environment.