Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green has been a working journalist since the late 1970s. This makes him both very old and reasonably experienced. After an early degree-ending flirtation with public radio, the bulk of Jonathan’s career has been spent in newspapers, beginning with a cadetship at the Canberra Times and taking in a small Cook’s tour of Australian dailies: the Melbourne Herald, The Herald Sun, the Sunday Herald, The Sunday Age and The Age. The Age was a settled patch, 15 years in which Jonathan worked as a senior editor, night editor and section editor, spent three years writing a daily column, joined the Fairfax team covering the Athens Olympics, and edited The Sunday Age. Proof that old dogs can be made at least passingly familiar with new tricks, Jonathan left The Age in 2006 to work for the first time online as editor of Crikey. After three years there and having gained a nodding familiarity with the ways of the internet, he at last found his way to the ABC as foundation editor of ABC Online’s The Drum.
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