Peter Layton

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Peter B. Layton
Discussion paper

National mobilisation during war: past insights, future possibilities

Wars often arrive unexpectedly, and their nature and scope are rarely understood before they start. This paper aims to provide a structured way of thinking about mobilisation policymaking and planning that takes this inherent uncertainty into account.
Discussion paper

How to mobilise Australia

In this multi-author edition, four leading thinkers explore issues and opportunities of mobilisation in Australia.

Australia’s new regional context: Pacific Island futures and air power possibilities

This paper argues that emerging aerospace technologies, human security constructs and different organisational concepts could combine to enhance Australia’s Pacific Step Up strategy in the future.
Working paper

Australia’s Antarctic national air power futures

This paper examines Antarctica today including recent Chinese, Indian and Russian activities in the East Antarctic region that Australia asserts sovereignty over. It also focuses on Australia’s national interests, current air operations and development intentions.

Social mobilisation in a contested environment

There’s a new problem emerging in Australian defence matters. Future governments trying to convince Australian society of the need to take actions offshore can now face interference from external parties operating domestically online. The proliferation globally of modern information technologies has opened up new opportunities...