Angela Kennedy

Angela Jane Kennedy is an interdisciplinary artist with a multi-disciplinary practice: a degree in Performance Art, ten years working as a choreographer and contemporary dancer, another degree in Fine Art, plus an MA in Fine Art in 2017. Angela’s inherently choreographic practice manifests through performance installation, drawing, poetry, spoken word, audio, movement and video. Her work is about embodied processes and the body, rooted in the experiential training of Body-Mind Centering and Improvisation. Work is made through a process of investigation and dwelling, arising from specific contexts or places, she then translates those responses into installations and performances often with a live audience. Angela’s practice of thirty years continues to explore issues of equality, feminism, identity, class and social justice; her socially engaged practice reflects on issues concerning social justice, identity and gender. Angela is a founding member of Artists Union England – AUE and was an Executive Member from 2012 – June 2018.
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