Sam Wilson

Alternate Name:
Samuel G. Wilson

For the greater good of all? How Australians view the integrity, competence and contribution of federal government

In this report, the Australian Leadership Index takes stock of the current state of federal government leadership for the greater good, as perceived by the Australian public. By examining public perceptions of government integrity, competence and contribution to public value, overall and against national benchmarks...

Pre-election pulse check: an analysis of Victorian state government leadership

The Australian Leadership Index (ALI) captures public perceptions of Australian institutions over time across three dimensions of leadership for the greater good: Integrity, Contribution and Competence. In this report, the authors provide a snapshot of the ALI's findings on public perceptions of the Victorian government's...

Leadership for the greater good: a national conversation about leadership in Australia

In this research and insights report, the Australian Leadership Index takes stock of the perceived state of institutional leadership for the greater good in 2021. Moreover, it places these results in the broader context of what the Australian Leadership Index has revealed about leadership for...

Mapping humanitarian action on Instagram

Humanitarianism is changing with the digital age and with new modes of networked communication and interaction. The research presented in this report offers new insights into the way people engage with humanitarian activities in their local contexts and everyday lives.