Davinia Blomberg


VET in school students: characteristics and post-school employment and training experiences

This paper provides an up-to-date picture of trends in the uptake of VET in Schools (VETiS) programs, the profile and participation of students who undertake VETiS programs, and the level and type of qualifications that are undertaken.

Improving labour market outcomes through education and training

This paper uses the 2011 Census data to quantify the impact of educational disadvantage among Indigenous Australians for labour market participation, employment and occupational destinations. Introduction Economic participation is one of the fundamental building blocks identified in the Closing the Gap initiative (COAG 2008) for...

The effectiveness of the traineeship model

The traineeship model is currently targeted at a broader group of people compared with the original target group of young unemployed persons as envisaged by the Kirby Enquiry. This report aims to assess the effectiveness of the model for young people, particularly young early school...