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Silvana Tordo


Climate-sensitive mining: case studies

This report is intended to deliver an account of mining technologies, processes, and strategies that seek to incorporate environmental sustainability considerations and have the potential for local value creation and green growth.

Building resilience: a green growth framework for mobilizing mining investment

This report proposes a framework to help mining companies and governments integrate climate change and local economic opportunity activities. The report also offers examples of projects and policies that support green growth: particularly climate-related activities that create scalable economic value and invest in long-lasting green...

Mining firms’ climate-sensitive initiatives

This report identifies existing climate-sensitive practices of mining firms that generate or have the potential to contribute to local value creation. It also suggests a future-state model in which companies and host countries would ideally leverage climate-sensitive mining practices for scalable and sustainable in-country value...

Policy approaches to climate change in mineral rich countries

The purpose of this report is to highlight the policies of countries leading the shift toward a green economy, and the implications of those policies for the mining sector in those countries. The report begins with the analysis of key areas of policymaking known to...

Methodology and value chain analysis

Rising global temperatures, the increasing frequency of severe weather events, changing precipitation patterns, and other measurable shifts in global climate have tangible impacts on societal and economic factors alike. The mining industry is not insulated from these impacts and, due to its global economic footprint...