Eric Merkley


Science and health misinformation in the digital age

This report highlights three case studies of science communication and misinformation — climate change, vaccines and COVID-19. It concludes with recommendations for practitioners and government agencies to combat misinformation and its effects in science and health policy.

Lessons in resilience: Canada's digital media ecosystem and the 2019 election

Researchers, policy-makers and the public at large are paying more attention to the threats that disinformation and other forms of online media manipulation pose to democratic institutions and political life. Coming after a number of international elections where disinformation was a serious problem, the authors...

Digital Democracy Project: Research memo #7 - the partisan playground

This report paints a picture of a media environment where partisans are more willing to share their views and choose media that reinforces their beliefs, while less-partisan Canadians are less inclined to share their views and take part in political life.

Digital Democracy Project: Research memo #6 - political advertising

The Digital Democracy Project team worked with the Online Political Transparency Project at New York University, to analyze the Canadian election advertising landscape on Facebook. This survey report outlines some of the findings.

Digital Democracy Project: Research memo #5 - Fact-checking, blackface and the media

This is the fifth report from the Digital Democracy Project, a partnership between the Public Policy Forum and the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University. This report explores Canadian's opinions on the importance of fact-checking news stories and discusses how information concerning...