John J. Fitzgerald


Gladys Liu and the pitfalls of cultural anxiety

Fraught relations with China could affect Chinese-Australians for generations to come, writes John Fitzgerald.

Asian-Australian diaspora philanthropy

The growth of Asian diaspora communities and understanding the nature of Asian-Australian giving is essential for Australia's traditional philanthropic sector to engage more closely with Asian-Australian donors to ensure common goals and visions are achieved.

Human dignity and its enemies

Let’s face it, the only way to live in dignity, inside this depraved society we inhabit, is to resist. That being so, to go to prison is really nothing more than to maintain simple human dignity, it’s really nothing to brag about.— Liu Xiaobo, “Letter...

“Just do it” – making and measuring social impact

This lecture examines the pressure on philanthropic organisations to provide quantifiable short-term impact measurements.