Dorothy Scott


Working with vulnerable families: a partnership approach (2nd edition)

Poverty, domestic violence, marginalisation, drug and alcohol dependence are just some of the issues faced by many Australian families. Now in its second edition, Working with Vulnerable Families provides a comprehensive and evidence-based introduction to family-centred practice in Australia. It explores the ways in which...

Report of the protecting Victoria's vulnerable children inquiry

This inquiry investigated systemic problems in Victoria's child protection system and, in this report, has now made recommendations to strengthen and improve the protection and support of vulnerable young Victorians. The Panel delivered the Report to the Minister for Community Services on 27January 2012. The...
Journal article

The planets aligned: is child protection policy reform good luck or good management?

Governments across Australia are struggling to address escalating child protection notifications, a marked increase in the number of children in State care, a decrease in the number of foster carers and chronic workforce shortages in child welfare services. This paper explores the reform process that...

Social work now: issue 45 April 2010

This special edition is dedicated to issues of collaboration. Introduction Arguments supporting interagency collaboration permeate the literature and child welfare guidelines internationally. Yet, difficulties in interagency communication and coordination have nevertheless plagued child welfare services over many years. Strong collaborative practice takes time, which is...