Kaliappa Kalirajan


Corporate retail outlets are blessings in disguise for unorganized retail outlets: an empirical analysis in the Indian context

The objective of the present study is to answer the question whether the corporate organized retail outlets (ORO) have exerted any harmful effects on the small unorganized retail outlets (URO) in India. Answer to this question will facilitate us to gauge the impact of corporate...

Determinants of labor-intensive exports by the developing countries: a cross country analysis

While it is widely recognized that industrial development is imperative in developing countries to reduce poverty and to attain sustainable economic growth, there is no consensus on how to develop industries and where to start. Generally, the literature argues that developing countries should concentrate on...
Working paper

Regional cooperation towards green Asia: trade in low carbon goods and services

It is logical to argue that low carbon goods and services (LCGS) led growth is an imperative for the Asia Pacific countries, particularly for the emerging Asian economies, which are heavily dependent on imported energy and resources. Acknowledging this fact, recently, governments in the Asian...

Self help group-banking-poverty reduction nexus

In spite of having diversified regional development with different languages and communities in a vibrant democratic administrative framework, India has made remarkable progress in recent years on a scale, size and pace that is unprecedented in its own history. As a result of two decades...