James Lewis

Alternate Name:
James A. Lewis

ANZUS 2.0 cybersecurity and Australia–US relations

At the 15 September 2011 AUSMIN talks in San Francisco, Australian and US officials took advantage of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the ANZUS Treaty to announce the alliance would now extend into cyberspace. It was the first time, outside of NATO, that...

Cyberspace and armed forces: the rationale for offensive cyber capabilities

Overview A serious approach to military modernisation requires countries to equip, train, and organise cyberforces for what has become an essential component of national defence and deterrence. A force without adequate cyber capabilities is more dangerous to itself than to its opponents. As nations move...

China's cyberpower: international and domestic priorities

These papers assess whether China is waging an economic war in cyberspace, and examine China’s internal mechanisms for delivering and protecting cyberpower.