James Ward

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James S. Ward
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Young Aboriginal people’s engagement with STI testing in the Northern Territory, Australia

This paper documents socio-ecological factors influencing young Aboriginal people’s engagement with clinic-based sexually transmissible infections (STIs) testing in two remote settings in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Coronavirus will devastate Aboriginal communities if we don’t act now

For Aboriginal Australians, COVID-19 has great potential to wreak havoc in communities, the government is needing to take steps to ensure their safety.
Journal article

Is decoupling GDP growth from environmental impact possible?

This research demonstrates growth in GDP ultimately cannot be decoupled from growth in material and energy use. It argues for discarding GDP growth as the goal in favor of more comprehensive measures of societal wellbeing.

Sexual health and relationships in young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Executive summary: The Sexual Health and Relationships Survey is the first national survey of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in relation to sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and blood borne viruses (BBVs) undertaken in Australia. The survey involved collection of data comprising four areas...

Education programs for Indigenous Australians about sexually transmitted infections and bloodborne viruses

This resource sheet examines available evidence for the effectiveness of sexual health education programs for Indigenous Australians.