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Alan Mossman

Conference paper

The prevailing procurement system as a source of waste in construction: a case study

Prevailing project procurement processes and strategies are thought to be the root cause for many of the reported criticisms of the construction industry, such as lack of trust and collaboration and short term adversarial and transactional relationships. This study uses an integrated grounded theory case-study...
Journal article

The potential of blockchain in building construction

Construction customers want more complex facilities delivered faster and at a lower cost. Transaction costs account for a significant proportion of each new or refurbished facility (a 2017 report from the Infrastructure Client Group in the UK suggests as high as 50%), yet they contribute...
Conference paper

What is lean construction: Another look - 2018

There is no agreed definition of lean construction. This is a problem for some and not for others in the lean construction community and beyond. Answers to the question 'what is lean construction?'' from a simple survey reported here, on the web and in the...