Iris Tommelein

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Iris D. Tommelein
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Lean, psychological safety, and behavior-based quality: a focus on people and value delivery

Psychological safety is a construct that can help to bridge the gap in our knowledge of the influence of human factors in the design and success of construction processes, and is based on assessments about the risks associated with an action. Lean principles, such as...
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Process-based cost modeling framework and case study

This paper provides a theoretical basis with reasons why traditional cost modeling methods are insufficient to support project delivery whereby product and process design are integrated and rapid cost feedback facilitates trade off analysis between multiple design alternatives. Traditional cost models do not sufficiently reflect...
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Towards Facility Management participation in design: A UCSF case study

The discipline of Facility Management (FM) emerged in the 1970s triggered by the concomitance of (1) increasing complexity in the workplace and (2) understanding of an interdependence between users' behaviors and building design. Despite the existence of FM, a number of buildings today still fail...
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Managing the 'receding edge'

So much attention is paid to starting construction activities, and starting new work at regular time intervals to a beat (aka. takt) that, not surprisingly, work to finish those very activities may fall behind. This paper focuses, not on the start-, the leading edge, but...
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Collaborative takt time planning of non-repetitive work

This paper describes an approach for takt time planning (TTP) that was developed and tested on a pilot project in California. A companion paper by other authors describes their approach for TTP that they applied in a different project type-, commercial-, and geographical context. The...