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Piotr Nowotarski

Journal article

DMAIC Method of Quality Improvement of Ground Works Processes: Case Study

The foundations are important part of every building's structure. It can be distinguished square foundations and deep foundations. The process of creating foundations during building construction can be in some cases very complicated and, similar to other construction processes, very costly when errors and problems...
Journal article

Quality Management Systems as a key element for company strategy selection-case study

This article presents a brief description of the quality concept and introduction to the SWOT method.
Journal article

Quality improvement of ground works process with the use of chosen lean management tools - Case study

Ground works are one of the first processes connected with erecting structures. Based on ground conditions like the type of soil or level of underground water different types and solutions for foundations are designed. Foundations are the base for the buildings, and their proper design...
Journal article

Differences in the actual level of defects and the final acceptance protocols of new flats and apartments

Every year in Eastern Europe, especially in Poland, thousands of flats and apartments are ready to move into. The authors analyzed detected defects that most frequently were not entered in the protocols, along with a brief summary of possible causes of the prevalence of such...
Journal article

Improving construction processes using Lean management methodologies: Cost case study

This article presents the idea of introducing Lean Management methodologies in chosen construction processes and the purpose of the study is to show how Lean Management can influence the total cost of the selected process of managing storage areas on the construction site.