Zofia K. Rybkowski

Journal article

Applying lean methods to healthcare design

There is a natural affinity between evidence-based design (EBD) and the principles of lean design and construction. Events in my life have convinced me that many of the underlying tenets of good design are physiologically based and objective. The same can be said about lean...
Conference paper

The evolution of lean construction education (part 1 of 2): At US-based universities

Effectively transferring lean knowledge and skills to owners, architects, engineers, and constructors (OAEC) requires behavioral changes within an industry that has been legitimately criticized for entrenched practices and low productivity. Documenting how successful that knowledge transfer is taking place can be helpful to those wishing...
Conference paper

An exploration of compatibility of U.S. Army culture and Lean Construction

The culture of the United States Army has evolved significantly over the course of the service of the present generation of Soldiers. Through the implementation of Lean Management practices, and Six Sigma measurement and analysis tools, Army leaders are more able to competently perform a...
Conference paper

The evolution of lean construction education (part 2 of 2): At US-based companies

The benefits of lean projects such as reduced schedules and budgets are well documented; construction organizations accomplish lean project delivery through the practices of project teams, yet the backgrounds of many participants have relatively little involvement with lean methodology due to its relative newness. Many...