Siew-Ean Khoo

Journal article

Attracting skilled migrants to regional areas: what does it take?

For some time government policy has tried to encourage permanent migrants to settle outside the major cities in so-called regional areas. This policy has met with limited success (even though the term 'regional' has often included Melbourne). In 2003 the policy was extended to temporary...

Scoping study of migration and housing needs

This scoping study examines the housing characteristics of recently arrived permanent and temporary migrants by their visa category, using data from a number of sources including the 2006 population census and the 2006 and 2010 General Social Surveys. Migrant groups that are examined include overseas...

Ethnic disparities in social and economic well-being of the immigrant aged in Australia

The paper examines ethnic differences in the social and economic well- being of the immigrant aged in Australia and the factors affecting older immigrants’ well-being as measured by a number of indicators. The data analysis is guided by the concept of the ‘Third Age’ as...

Temporary skilled migrants' employment and residence outcomes: findings from the follow-up survey of 457 visa holders

This report discusses the findings from a follow-up survey of 457 visa holders since the first surveys were conducted in 2003-04. The paper focuses on the changes that have occurred in their employment and residence status over the course of a year. It also examines...