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The new normal: changed patterns of dwelling demand and supply

Other authors
Habib Rahman, Ranjodh Singh, Mohammad Swapan, Liz Taylor
This research examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on patterns of housing supply and demand, and how the Australian housing market has changed over recent time (including between the 2016 and 2021 Censuses).

Housing affordability in Western Australia 2023: building for the future

This report compares housing affordability in Western Australia to other jurisdictions, for both homeowners and renters, to get a sense of where WA sits. The research looks at overall affordability and where the key pressures are that people face from rising interest rates, construction project...

The impact of the pandemic on the Australian rental sector

COVID-19 has radically changed the housing landscape - not only for tenants, but also for landlords, real estate agents, advocacy groups, and all levels of government. This research finds that it is likely that many of the negative impacts of the pandemic on the rental...

Private sector involvement in social and affordable housing

This research investigates models for engaging private sector investors and developers in financing or delivering social and affordable housing, across different market segments and tenures in Australia and internationally. It also identifies key existing and potential players, and financial, regulatory or development barriers to wider...

Understanding how policy settings affect developer decisions

This research examines how policy settings affect developer decisions - necessary to provide policy-makers with an understanding of how private sector housing supply is likely to react to settings and events which affect development costs, revenues and timeframes. The research also examines the issue of...