Susannah Patton

Policy report

Crumbling cornerstone? Australia’s education ties with Southeast Asia

While Australia regularly cites education as the foundation of Australia’s relationship with Southeast Asia, these connections are weakening, and pose a risk to Australia’s influence, writes Susannah Patton in this policy brief.

A seat at the table: the role of regional multilateral institutions in US Indo-Pacific strategy

This report examines the evolution of US interests in key Asian regional multilateral groupings throughout the Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama and Trump Administrations. It argues that two key interests, namely commitment to advancing regional economic integration, and to deepening political-security cooperation through regional institutions...

What is the AUKUS partnership?

This explainer article looks at the recently formed AUKUS defence partnership and examines what the relationship entails.

Correcting the course: how the Biden Administration should compete for influence in the Indo-Pacific

This paper argues that countries in the Indo-Pacific region are looking to the Biden Administration to finally deliver on the Indo-Pacific 'pivot' that Washington has been promising for a decade.