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Julie Leask

Alternate Name:
Julie-Anne Leask
Journal article

‘Get your own house in order’: qualitative dialogue groups with non-vaccinating parents on how measles outbreaks in their community should be managed

Communities with high levels of vaccine rejection present unique challenges to vaccine-preventable disease outbreak management. This paper sought perspectives of non-vaccinating parents to inform public health responses in such communities.

Increasing COVID-19 vaccine uptake in children aged 5–11 years: behavioural insights from the field

This report summarises the reflections from an online forum convened by COSSI and NCIRS, and supported by the Australian Department of Health, on 3 March 2022.
Working paper

A COVID-19 vaccination strategy to support uptake amongst Australians: working paper

Researchers from the Collaboration on Social Science and Immunisation (COSSI) have developed this six point strategy, aimed at supporting the design and implementation of a COVID-19 vaccine program in Australia.
Journal article

Parenting and the vaccine refusal process: a new explanation of the relationship between lifestyle and vaccination trajectories

Other authors
Katie Attwell, Catherine Helps
The variation and dynamic nature of the vaccination trajectories described in this study suggests that vaccine refusal is not a static trait but rather the result of ever-changing experience and continual risk assessment; not all non-vaccinating parents fit the ‘alternative lifestyle’ stereotype