Clare Bradley

Journal article

Direct health and residential care costs of people living with dementia in Australian residential aged care

This study provides the first estimate of the whole‐of‐system costs of providing health and residential care for people living with dementia in residential aged care in Australia using individual level health and social care data.

Trends in hospitalisations due to falls by older people, Australia 1999-00 to 2010-11

Summary This report focuses on trends in fall-related hospital care for people aged 65 and older that occurred over the period 1999-00 to 2010-11. Information is also presented on the incidence and burden of hospitalised fall injury in the financial year 2010-11. Falls in 2010-11...

Hospitalisations due to falls by older people, Australia: 2009-10

This report is the sixth in a series of reports on hospitalisations due to falls by older people in Australia. It focuses on hospitalised falls that occurred in the financial year 2009-10. Falls in 2009-10 The estimated number of hospitalised injury cases due to falls...

Hospital separations due to injury and poisoning, Australia 2009-10

This report, covering injuries resulting in admission to Australian hospitals in the financial year 2009–10, is the eighth in the series that started in 2001–02. The focus of the report is community injury (that is, injuries typically sustained in places such as the home, workplace...