Robyn Eversole

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A new direction for regional university campuses: catalyzing innovation in place

Ideas about the importance of knowledge and innovation in the global economy have implications for the changing role of universities but so too do ideas about the role of place-based knowledge in generating competitive advantage and innovation at the regional scale. As the concern to...

The competitive advantage of towns: transaction costs and innovation in a rural service town

This research, on the social and cultural context of the economy in Hamilton, a rural Victorian service town, demonstrates how close knit, geographically localised social networks serve to lower many transaction costs for local businesses. Different social arrangements may raise or lower the transaction costs...
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Remaking participation: challenges for community development practice

Increasing communities' participation in development processes has been the subject of both policy aspiration and scholarly critique. This paper explores the implications of a critical perspective on the 'elusive goal' of participation for community development practitioners. Drawing on insights from a range of scholars, this...
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Participation and Governance in Regional Development: Global Trends in an Australian Context

Questions about participation and participatory governance are at the cutting edge of development theory. This book provides a cross-disciplinary perspective on participation and governance issues in regional development - processes now regarded as essential for sustainable regional development. An exploration of current trends toward increased...
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Keeping youth in communities: Education and out-migration in the South West

The out-migration of youth is a particular concern facing rural communities. A study of eight communities in the Blackwood region of South Western Australia demonstrates the key role of educational availability in encouraging the out-migration of people, especially young people, from rural areas. The study...
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