Carl Miller


The rise of digital politics

This paper explores this emerging digital political landscape and the impact it is having on the political process, what it means for politicians, and the effects it has on the people who take part.

The road to representivity

Overview This new paper from the Centre for the Analyisis of Social Media at Demos and Ipsos MORI argues that whilst social media platforms offer powerful new ways of understanding society, they are often researched poorly, with little examination of the extent to which insights...
Working paper

Social action on social media

This paper examines a new way of detecting and measuring social action, especially that which takes place below the radar.

A question of trust

Introduction Trust Many things we hold to be true, we can neither discover nor prove ourselves. Claims about the world often rely on specialised or esoteric knowledge, on information that we cannot access, or on experiences that we have not had. We often rely on...

Vox digitas

Social media represents a new digital commons where people join their social and political lives to those around them. This paper examines the potential of listening to these digital voices on Twitter, and the consequences for how European Union leaders apprehend, respond to and thereby...