Julie Lahausse


Working together to care for kids

Many Australian carers are grandparents caring for vulnerable relatives living out-of-home and they are not getting the support services they need, according to this research report by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Commonwealth place-based service delivery initiatives: key learnings project

Overview: Place-based initiatives are programs designed and delivered with the intention of targeting a specific geographical location and particular population group in order to respond to complex social problems. Typically, they focus on areas and communities with entrenched disadvantage or deprivation. This report investigates the...

Stability and change in risky driving from the late teens to the late twenties

This paper examines patterns of risky driving from the late teens to the late twenties and identifies factors associated with persistence and change in risky driving tendencies. Key findings: Rates of risky driving remained fairly stable between the ages of 19-20 and 23-24 years, but...
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