Kristen Purcell


Online video 2013

Overview Over the past four years, the percent of American adult internet users who upload or post videos online has doubled from 14% in 2009 to 31% today. That includes 18% of adult internet users who post videos they have created or recorded themselves—many of...

The impact of digital tools on student writing and how writing is taught in schools

Overview A survey of teachers who instruct American middle and high school students finds that digital technologies are impacting student writing in myriad ways and there are significant advantages from tech-based learning. Some 78% of the 2,462 advanced placement (AP) and National Writing Project (NWP)...

Younger Americans' library habits and expectations

Summary of findings Younger Americans—those ages 16-29—exhibit a fascinating mix of habits and preferences when it comes to reading, libraries, and technology. Almost all Americans under age 30 are online, and they are more likely than older patrons to use libraries’ computer and internet connections...

How teachers are using technology at home and in their classrooms

This report discusses a survey of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers showing that while digital tools are widely used in the classrooms and professional lives of high school and middle school teachers, many teachers worry about digital divides when it comes to their...