Andrew Martel


Audit of accessible features in new houses, apartments and townhouses

The findings of this study support the idea that well-designed housing that works for people with mobility impairments does not compromise the design of housing for the general population – rather it enhances the built environment.
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Policy, planning and financing options for affordable housing in Melbourne

This paper draws on eight interviews conducted with housing and investment stakeholders in Melbourne currently involved in affordable housing, or with potential for such involvement.
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Improving design outcomes in the built environment through design review panels and design guidelines.

This paper presents findings from interviews with 22 building industry stakeholders from Australia. These interviews explored the role, benefits and limitations of design guidelines and design review panels.

Value of design project: final report

This study comprised an international literature analysis and a set of confidential interviews with building industry stakeholders from Victoria, NSW and SA to explore how they define, measure and incorporate value and good design elements in projects, and what the perceived costs and benefits are...
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Placing a value on good design for cities: evidence and prospects

The built environment has value. Most commonly, that value is established through market prices for rent or purchase. Some elements of value, while recognised as important, are under-appreciated as it is difficult for them to be directly monetised or quantified in other terms.