Kathryn Zickuhr


Who’s not online and why

Overview As of May 2013, 15% of American adults ages 18 and older do not use the internet or email. Asked why they do not use the internet: 34% of non-internet users think the internet is just not relevant to them, saying they are not...

Location-based services

Overview The role of location in digital life is changing as growing numbers of internet users are adding a new layer of location information to their posts, and a majority of smartphone owners use their phones’ location-based services. A new survey by the Pew Research...

Home broadband 2013

Some 70% of American adults have a high-speed broadband connection at home; an additional 10% of Americans lack home broadband but do own a smartphone. And 20% of Americans have neither a home broadband connection nor a smartphone. As of May 2013, 70% of American...

Younger Americans' library habits and expectations

Summary of findings Younger Americans—those ages 16-29—exhibit a fascinating mix of habits and preferences when it comes to reading, libraries, and technology. Almost all Americans under age 30 are online, and they are more likely than older patrons to use libraries’ computer and internet connections...

Tablet ownership 2013

For the first time, a third of American adults own tablet computers. This report shows demographic trends in tablet ownership using data from telephone interviews. Overview For the first time, a third (34%) of American adults ages 18 and older own a tablet computer like...