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Andrew Zammit on sensible ways to think about terrorism

Is there a way to think about terrorism without politics? Do counter-terrorism responses make us safer? What are sensible ways to sift through news reports about acts of terror? Andrew Zammit takes us through these and other questions.

Exploitation of workers in Australia’s cleaning industry

Next time you walk into a public toilet ask yourself how much you would want to be paid per hour to clean the place. Maybe $30? $50? Not enough money in the world could make you wipe a stranger’s bowl? The 2010 Cleaning Services Award...

In multicultural Australia, libraries should be non-negotiable assets

The federal government pulled $1.05m for the construction of a new library in Tarneit – a move that seems downright petty and callous. If you wish to glimpse the heart of the outer-west suburbs of Melbourne, step into a local library. This is what you...