Paul Fletcher


Is shovel ready the right test? Sensible objectives for Commonwealth infrastructure policy

This speech addresses the economic policy issue of infrastructure. As Minister for Major Projects, it is my task to oversee and direct Commonwealth investment in major transport infrastructure projects around the country – where we are investing $50 billion between now and 2020. When politicians...

Innovation policy

Paul Fletcher and Robyn Williams discuss the monetary value of Australian science, research and innovation. Summary: Liberal Federal MP Paul Fletcher, the member for Bradfield in New South Wales, talks about the importance of Australian research and innovation. He asks whether we get good results...
Discussion paper

The Coalition's discussion paper on enhancing online safety for children

This discussion paper by the current Federal opposition coalition parties examines cyber safety for children and adolescence. It is estimated that 90 per cent of Australian high school students have a Facebook account. Parents, teachers and schools are concerned about the dangers of cyber-bullying, predatory...