James A. Lewis

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James Andrew Lewis

Can telephones race? 5G and the evolution of telecom: part 1

This report looks at the environment for competition by exploring how 5G creates wealth, the standards contest, and the effect of technological change in telecommunications as the United States moves to an 'open' environment.
Briefing paper

Trust your eyes? Deepfakes policy brief

Deepfakes are a new and powerful tool for falsehood. This paper argues that their effect will depend not only on how persuasive they are, but also on the timing and credibility of the repudiation of a deepfake.

Emerging technologies and managing the risk of tech transfer to China

There are deep interconnections between the U.S. and Chinese economies, and China has built its technology base on what it has acquired from the West. This report outlines the policy tools that the United States can use to mitigate risk while maintaining the openness that...

The cybersecurity workforce gap

As cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication, organizations face a persistent challenge in recruiting skilled cybersecurity professionals. This paper highlights the gaps that exist in the nation’s current cybersecurity education and training landscape and identifies examples of successful programs that hold promise as models...

Learning the superior techniques of the barbarians: China’s pursuit of semiconductor independence

While China has made immense investments in science and technology, and while these are producing results, it is still dependent on Western technology. This is particularly true for semiconductors. China’s dependence on foreign semiconductors has worried Beijing for decades. China suspects that Western semiconductors contain...