Robert O'Neill


ASPI at 15

Overview ASPI was registered as a wholly government-owned company on 22 August 2001, but it was several years earlier when Ian McLachlan, the first Defence Minister of the Howard government, saw the need to establish an institute to provide an alternate source of advice on...

To choose or not to choose: how to deal with China's growing power and influence

This paper collects 10 items published on the ASPI blog The Strategist by eight authors on one of the most important public policy issues of this decade and beyond: how to deal with China’s growing power and influence. The hope is that this debate will...

Preparing to face our next enemy

Executive summary The ADF needs to be prepared for four main tasks: defence of Australian sovereign territory; assist larger international forces; counter-insurgency; and disaster relief. With rising demand for land, resources and food, Australia is at greater risk of threats from major powers. The ADF...