Allan F. McLay

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Re-reengineering the dream: agility as competitive adaptability

Organizational adaptation and transformative change management in technology-based organizations is explored in the context of collaborative alliances. A Re-reengineering approach is outlined in which a new Competitive Adaptability Five-Influences Analysis approach under conditions of collaborative alliance, is described as an alternative to Porter’s Five-Forces Competitive...
Journal article

Developing the parameters of scholarship in postgraduate coursework studies

Abstract: Scholarship parameters, in relation to postgraduate coursework studies, are developed against the expectations of the Boyer classifications of scholarship (Boyer, 1990) with particular emphasis on the role of minor thesis development. An example is presented in which postgraduate coursework students are required to undertake...

Virtual reality systems in the management of technology based organizations

The introduction of virtual reality media into engineering or technology-based organizations is investigated and a taxonomy for identifying determinants for successful introduction of such media, is developed in the form of a taxonometric planning framework. The research addresses the continuing convergence and integration of digital...