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Kate Loynes


White Spot Disease in Australia up to 2017: a chronology

White Spot Disease (WSD) is a viral infection caused by Whispovirus that causes death in up to 80% of affected farmed prawns. Australia was considered free of WSD until an outbreak in December 2016 but it has had an almost constant presence in biosecurity policy...
Briefing paper

Australia and the Doha Amendment: a quick guide

Introduction On the 10th of November the Australian Government ratified the Paris Agreement to significant media coverage. At the same time the Government also ratified the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol, which states Australia’s intention to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions between 2013 and...

Australian climate change policy: a chronology

This paper presents a record of Australian climate change policies. Key international developments are also included to provide global context. Introduction Climate change is a long-term, global problem. Long-term problems generally require stable but flexible policy implementation over time. However, Australia’s commitment to climate action...
Blog post

Who watches the waters? The end of the National Water Commission

The National Water Commission (NWC) is to be dissolved, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann confirmed on Monday. Established during the millennium drought, the NWC is an independent statutory authority designed to monitor the progress of national water reform, but its role changed and expanded over the...

Overview of Feed in Tariffs: a quick guide

This short paper explains Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs), which are payments for electricity fed into the supply grid from a renewable energy source. FiTs can be mandated by the government or offered voluntarily by an electricity retailer. The primary aim of FiTs is to encourage the...