Ben Caldecott


Lessons from previous ‘coal transitions’ high-level summary for decision-makers

This report aims to provide a deeper understanding of what a 'just transition' away from coal production and use might look like in practice. It provides six historical case studies of regional coal mining transitions that have occurred or are ongoing in Europe and the...
Working paper

Subcritical coal in Australia: risks to investors and implications for policymakers

This paper locates subcritical coal-fired power stations in Australia and identified the ones most at risk of stranding due to their carbon intensity and local environmental impacts. The research shows which companies own these assets in Australia and ranks companies by exposure. In addition, we...

Stranded down under? Environment-related factors changing China’s demand for coal and what this means for Australian coal assets

The report looks at how China's changing demand for coal could impact coal-related assets in Australia, which is a large and growing coal exporter to China. Aims This report investigates how China’s demand for coal is changing as a result of environment-related factors, such as...