Michael Williams

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A burglar's guide to the city

Where we might see a lovely ornamental detail on a building a burglar might see a handhold. Burglars see buildings very differently so we explore the intimate relationship between design and crime.
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How we die

What is a good death? The past two decades have seen more than sixteen state or federal attempts – and failures – to create a law in Australia that allows voluntary assisted death. Polls show support for such laws. But our elected representatives hesitate to...

Intelligence squared debates: coal-fired power will soon be obsolete

Climate change is intensifying, but along with the repeal of the carbon tax, the price of coal has dropped – making it more appealing as an energy source. What lies ahead … for Australia and the world? The Australian economy is largely propped up by...

Intelligence Squared debate: true reconciliation requires a treaty

In this video, a panel debates the need for a treaty – and the way to achieve true reconciliation in Australia with Indigenous Australians.