Gregory Phillips


Gregory Phillips: should Australian cities bear Indigenous language names?

Overview How can we achieve a deeper understanding of Australia’s Indigenous history – not just in the abstract, but in the specific contexts of where we live, work and play? If all Australians had a relationship with Indigenous language, how would that affect race relations...

GALAs 2015: in five. A gala debate on 2020

This Wheeler centre talk discusses where will we be as a society in five years’ time. Overview As part of our fifth birthday celebrations, we presented a unique headline debate with two sides, just one team – and nothing less than our future at stake...

Gregory Phillips on the Republic and Aboriginal peoples

Overview: What should an inclusive, modern Australian nation-state look like? With Australians generally disengaged from the political system and Aboriginal peoples not properly included in the first place, the Republic movement is perhaps the perfect avenue to address some of these issues. Anthropologist and lecturer...

Intelligence Squared debate: true reconciliation requires a treaty

In this video, a panel debates the need for a treaty – and the way to achieve true reconciliation in Australia with Indigenous Australians.