Anne Martinelli


Bringing rental homes up to scratch

This report maps out how minimum efficiency standards for rental homes could tackle a long-standing problem, and create thousands of jobs in trades, services and manufacturing across Victoria.

Life after coal: pathways to a just and sustainable transition for the Latrobe Valley

The Latrobe Valley has a proud history of supplying the electricity that powers Victoria. But coalburning power stations are ageing and – responding to climate change – the world is moving rapidly to cleaner energy sources. In this shifting context, the Latrobe Valley faces inevitable...

Towards climate safe homes: the case for zero emissions and water saving homes and neighbourhoods

Climate change presents a clear and present danger to ecosystems, communities and economies. As Professor Garnaut so powerfully stated “the failure of our generation (to address climate change) would lead to consequences that would haunt humanity until the end of time". With further climate change...