Neil Beagrie


What to keep: a Jisc research data study

The volume and diversity of research data is rapidly growing, posing questions and challenges concerning data retention. This report presents insights for institutions, research funders, researchers and others on what research data to keep and why.

TNA guidance on cloud storage and digital preservation

Abstract The use of cloud storage in digital preservation is a rapidly evolving field and this guidance explores how it is developing, emerging options and good practice, together with requirements and standards that archives should consider. Five detailed case studies of UK archives that have...

The Value and Impact of Data Sharing and Curation A synthesis of three recent studies of UK research data centres

In the UK, substantial resources are being invested in the development and provision of services for the curation and long-term preservation of research data. It is a high priority area for a range of stakeholders, universities, researchers and research funders. There is strong interest in...