Andrew Carr


No longer a middle power: Australia’s strategy in the 21st Century

This paper argues that Australia is heading towards a normalization of its approach to the world, realigning its capabilities with its strategic priorities on two different scales. While for much of the 20th and 21st century, Australia aimed at being a “global middle power”, Australia...
Discussion paper

Marawi and after: how Australia can help

Based on a consultative workshop held in Canberra on 3 August 2017, this paper offers options for the Australian government to help reduce the threat posed by Islamic State aligned groups in the Philippines.
Discussion paper

I’m here for an argument - why bipartisanship on security makes Australia less safe

This paper argues that given the growing instability of Australia’s strategic environment, it is urgent that our political class fulfil their responsibility to openly debate what principles this country stands for, how we will act and what costs we will pay to protect other states...
Journal article

Is bipartisanship on national security beneficial? Australia’s politics of defence and security

This paper argues that the benefits of bipartisanship in the management of defence and security policy are overstated, and that the effects of the norm are often counter-productive and even harmful to the conduct and management of Australian policy.