Zoe Leviston


Australian attitudes to climate change and adaptation: 2010-2014

Introduction This report presents the findings of a longitudinal study of Australians from 2010 to 2014, comprised of five national surveys conducted annually in July and August of each year. The surveys formed part of a research program investigating the ways in which Australians think...
Working paper

The EnergyFit Homes Initiative working paper 5: Message frame testing

Executive Summary This report is a milestone deliverable from CSIRO for the EnergyFit Homes Initiative, a project that seeks to empower consumers to recognise and value homes with better health, comfort, and sustainability benefits, and lower running costs. It is formally known as Project RP3016...

Fourth annual survey of Australian attitudes to climate change: interim report

This is the fourth in a series of publications examining Australians’ responses to climate change. Introduction This report presents the basic findings of a survey undertaken in July and August of 2013 with 5219 Australians. The survey forms part of a longitudinal research program investigating...