Gil-Soo Han

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Challenge and Excitement - Part One: Loving and Hating Rural Medical Practice

Aims: This is the first of two papers that explore influences on doctors' decision-making about the location of their practice. Part one focuses on the positive experiences of rural medical practice as expressed by a cohort of rural general practitioners. Part two focuses on the...
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Integration and retention of international medical graduates in rural communities: a typological analysis

This study reports the results of in-depth interviews undertaken in 2003 with 57 international medical graduates practising in rural Victoria with the aim of identifying which factors facilitate or inhibit their integration into rural communities and consequently affect their intention to stay in rural practice.
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Outside - looking in: evaluating a community capacity building project

The Alberton Project was a three-year community capacity building project that ran from 1999 until 2002. It aimed to revitalise the local community surrounding the small Victorian town of Yarram. Evaluation of the project involved participant observation, monitoring of media reports, surveys and interviews. Outcomes...