Bruce Doran


Areas with more poker machines have higher rates of domestic violence

Our recently published research suggests a link between the number of poker machines in an area and levels of domestic violence. We compared publicly available data on poker machine numbers with police-recorded domestic violence incidents in Victoria between 2005 and 2014. Specifically, we compared the...
Journal article

Statistics for community governance: the Yawuru Indigenous population survey, Western Australia

Abstract: This article presents a case study of an exercise in Aboriginal community governance in Australia. It sets out the background events that led the Yawuru Native Title Holders Aboriginal Corporation in the town of Broome on Australia’s northwest coast to secure information for its...
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Assessing the impact of a remote area casino: a mixed-methods approach using cognitive mapping and GIS

Since the introduction of electronic gaming machines into public hotels (pubs) and clubs across most of Australia from the mid-1990s onwards, research attention has largely focused on the impact of gambling venues in densely-populated urban areas along the eastern seaboard. In contrast, despite remote areas...